About J.S. Grover Autos

We are providing the best services for purchasing Mahindra cars and other vehicles in Pathankot, Gurdaspur and Batala. In this modern time everyone wants to have his/her own vehicle and we are the source that avails them the opportunity to possess one. JS Grover Auto is the name for financing your new vehicle and own it on instalment basis. We will help you to obtain a car of your own choice with your desired features. We are dealing in all kinds of vehicles including the commercial and personal vehicles. We have been selling the wide range of commercial and personal vehicles in all three cities named Pathankot, Batala and Gurdaspur.
Keeping in mind that you need your vehicle and would want to keep that safe, we provide the insurance services for your vehicles. We have the professional team of experts that count the benefits of insurance plans for your vehicle and let you save extra money with that. We have been hiring the top professionals who keep your purchasing safe and secure from any type of consequences. We are keeping the all new information regarding to the facts that are necessary for the insurance of a vehicle. The increase in traffic has made it obvious that your vehicle is not safe on the road and the repair cost are very high even for some smaller parts of the vehicles. So It is important to have an insurance package that covers all the repair and maintenance cost of your vehicle. That is where we come into act by providing you with the best insurance service for your vehicle in order to keep you tension free from the headaches of repairing cost.
We also have the inbuilt service centres for our vehicles that you purchase from us. So you know once your vehicle is showing any signs of problems then you can contact us and get your vehicle repaired from our service centres. We have appointed the highly skilled professionals into our service centres who are fully capable of repairing your vehicle. We are covering all locations under our service centres. Whether you are from any part of India our service centres can help you out in repairing and servicing your vehicles. With our fully equipped service centres we insure you that you will get all types of repairs and maintenances from our expert technicians. If your vehicle is insured with us, then you will get free repairs against the termed policies.
We are aiming in the direction to become the largest vehicle dealer in India and for that we are striving hard to improve the quality of our services. We have helped numerous people to buy the own desired vehicles and it’s your turn now. So what are you waiting for? Just come to us and have your own commercial or personal vehicles with affordable rates in Gurdaspur, Batala and Pathankot. We are never going to compromise with the quality of our services to make life easier for our vehicle owners.
About JS Grover Group

J S Grover Group of Companies, is a diversified group with operations ranging from construction activities to authorized dealership of Mahindra Four wheelers to Stone crushers to used car resale business. The group is being run by renowned Grover family of Pathankot with Sunil Kumar Grover and his brother Sanjay Kumar Grover having established J S Grover Stone Crusher I and J S Grover Stone Crusher II under their respective proprietorship. The group then diversified into construction business with establishment of J S Grover Constructions, in partnership form of business with both of Sanjay Grover and Sunil Grover being partners of the firm, and has been handling various big project relating to road construction and infrastructure development. The firm has recorded turnover of more than Rs.100.00 Crores in all the last four years of operations. The group made successful foray into distribution ship of automobiles with acquisition of Krishna Autoworld Pvt Ltd, the name of which was subsequently changed to J S Grover Autos Pvt. Ltd. The turnover of the company has shown steady growth since acquisition by Grovers.
Management of the Group
The group is being managed by Sh. Sunil Kumar Grover and Sh. Sanjay Kumar Grover with Smt. Rekha Grover, Miss. Shikha Grover and Miss. Shilpa Grover being introduced in the group to handle various marketing, administration and finance relating aspects of business. Smt. Rekha Grover is actively handling the affairs of J S Grover Sales, a proprietorship concern which is exclusively dealing in sale and purchase of multi brand second hand cars under the brand of Mahindra First Choice. Ms. Shikha Grover and Ms. Shilpa Grover have been handling various administrative, marketing, taxation, financial and strategic functions in the group. The group believes in delivering quality services and products within stipulated time frame up to maximum possible satisfaction of the end customer. The group employs various professional at various levels to handle various aspects properly.
Mission and Strategy of the Group:
Diversification and testing unconventional business models has been the fore strength of the group and the promoters of the group are committed to take the group to new heights, be it turnover wise, profitability wise or customer satisfaction wise. The young dynamism and energy of younger members of the group when combined with the experience of the senior members, is sure to bring the most profitable results to the growth of the group. With orders in hand pending for execution and the expected growth in the sectors where the group is present, it is sure that the performance of the group will be even more stellar in times to come.